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  • The PR Industry’s Lowest Rate $45
  • Professionally Written by PR Experts
  • Multi-Industry & Sector Expertise
  • Premium Media Pick up Guaranteed
  • Anti-Plagarism Protection Technology is the leader in PR writing services. Our leadership team has over 17 years of experience producing written content that drives traffic with over 6 million words delivered to customers.

We have distributed over 10,000 press releases. Our customers have been picked up by world class media outlets. Let our team of PR experts help you write your next press release!

Rock-Solid Track Record

Our leadership team have delivered over 6 million words in content written; and have successfully distributed over 10,000 press releases.


Omni-Channel Marketing

Most consumers engage on more than 1 channel before making a purchase. A well syndicated PR engages with your prospects on search engines, social media, email, referral and offline traffic.


Skilled & Motivated Writers

Our team carefully screens each of our writers as part of our hiring process, ensuring that you get the services of an experienced, qualified, English-speaking writer to craft your press release.


Multi-Industry & Sector Expertise

Our seasoned editorial team have written across a broad range of topics and themes ranging from business, finance, real estate, tech and sports to apps, books, campaigns, events and promotions.


Premium Media Pick up Guaranteed

We stand by the quality of our work. If you distribute through, we will guarantee that your press release will get accepted by premium media outlets such as FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC.


Anti-Plagarism Technology

You can count on us for unique content that ranks in search. We hold our writers to high journalistic integrity; and we back this up by scanning your content against a plagarism detection algorithm.