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Santa Monica SEO agency partners with Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce

SEO company Premiere Position has reached an agreement with the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce to become their official partners following years of successful SEO campaigns for local businesses.

SANTA MONICA, CA - Santa Monica SEO company Premiere Position is proud to announce they have become official partners of the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce.

The newly formed partnership directly results from the company's two strong years in helping local businesses establish and maintain a rock-solid reputation online.

Last year Premiere Position and the Santa Monica Chmaber of Commerce created an installation video that featured several notable local businesses, among which are the Fig Restaurant at the Fairmont Hotel and Bungalows, the Lobster Restaurant, Locanda del Lago, Water Grill and the Albright.

"It's my pleasure to recommend Premiere Position." said Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce president Laurel Rosen.

"Many Santa Monica businesses do not realize how important it is to have a really strong online presence.

"Premiere Position is educating our businesses and helping them get to those top pages on Google and they are getting results.

"I really want to recommend Premiere Position, and I am glad they are providing these tools to our businesses to help them succeed."

In recent years, Premiere Position has established itself as the go-to-experts for Santa Monica SEO strategy.

The company provides several key services, among which design and optimization of websites on a local and global scale, video and social media optimization, SEO repair and influencer marketing.

Their creative strategies help infuse businesses with boosted income due to improved reach to customers. Premiere Position offers optimization expertise in a number of fields, including Medical and Health Care, Dental, Law, CPA, Restaurants and Cafes, Real Estate, Yoga Studios, Salons and Spas and others.

To learn what Premiere Position can do for your business, please visit their website.

About Premiere Position

Premiere Position is a successful digital marketing agency which was created by Eugiene Jonathan Pisarevsky - a veteran marketing expert with over 15 years of experience in the field.

Eugiene and his team are passionate about developing local businesses they strongly believe in. They have worked with several high-caliber Santa Monica clients, including Pacific Park, Naam Yoga, Fertility Associates, Beverly Hills Periodontal Institute and Saint John's Health Center Foundation.

The company provides several key services, among which is performing SEO for local and global brands, video SEO and social media SEO. They also specialize in repairing SEO for websites that have been over-optimzied and penalized as a result of spammed backlinks.

For additional information, please contact: 

Premiere Position

Eugiene Jonathan Pisarevsky

Telephone: (310) 254-9727

E-mail: [email protected]



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Costa Rica Local Business Listing Provider, CRneeds, Announces Transition to New Business Platform, AskZipy!

QUEPOS, COSTA RICA - After almost thirty years of business management and consulting experience, Zina Oster’s extensive business background and marketing skills led her to find that many businesses in the Manuel Antonio area needed a local online directory expert that would be available anytime to answer chat questions, find information and direct people to businesses in the area. Zina has acquired the first local directory listing service, CRneeds, and is ready to take the business network system to the next level, by providing customers with the best directory for all of your business and travel needs for the Costa Rican marketplace.  

Mrs. Oster and a very skilled and professional team that has been assembled have now launched a new company, Ask Zipy, and a new business platform with an upgraded website,, focusing on providing business owners in each province of Costa Rica with an optimized website and online directory for listing their services and information. The newly advanced directory can help with finding local products, services, stores, hotels, restaurants, tours, and even jobs in the area.

The new company has been built on the platform of CRneeds site, and has been updated with many new offerings for business owners to help develop the best possible resources and visibility for their companies, including an event calendar for planning activities, a local news feed for up-to-date information, and new service listings for businesses. From reading the fabulous reviews of bakeries, such as Emilio’s Café in Manuel Antonio, Z Gastro Bar at the Marina, Shana By The Beach Hotel and many others to finding the right handyman for home repair services, Ask Zipy is the best online directory for businesses owners and interested travelers alike. The Zipy Team has been adding these new tools to provide an effective platform for an advanced marketplace network in all of the surrounding areas.

This type of online directory will encompass a large number of valuable resources and activities for all visitors and locals to enjoy. It is known in Costa Rica that it is extremely difficult to find this type of beneficial information, and the features of the newly developed site will be very effective for anyone interested in finding a variety of services and activities.   

Mrs. Oster, Owner of Ask Zipy said, “Our goal is to help your business products and services to be found and be seen by both the locals in the area and tourists who are already here, as well as all travelers who plan to visit or invest in Costa Rica.”

The new website is designed to be easy to use, mobile friendly, and will provide several special offers and promotions everyday of the week. To learn how to get your business featured on Ask Zipy, please contact the team at [email protected]. Be sure to frequently check for updates and features, with the new site to officially launch in March, 2018.

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Perfect Credit Again Launches Professional Referral Partner Program Helping Lenders and Brokers Grow Their Business

Perfect Credit Again is the nation’s leading credit restoration program for getting clients financially sound and free of bad credit

NEW YORK, NY - Real estate, mortgage, and other lending professionals can now work with unqualified prospects by referring them to a credit repair service to set them on the path to creditworthiness.

Perfect Credit Again (PCA) recently launched their Professional Referral Partner Program where prospective clients who were denied a loan can be referred by their professional to PCA and start repairing and building their credit. By building these strong relationships with lending professionals, PCA can also refer graduates of their credit repair program to professionals in their area, creating a well balanced referral ecosystem.  

“By connecting non-creditworthy candidates with a nationally recognized credit repair company and financial education resource, our referral partners experience greater client satisfaction, close more deals, and consistently exceed their sales targets year-over-year,” says Joe Schillan, the President of Inc. and Perfect Marketing Services, LLC. “Simultaneously, we are helping our referral partners build a great reputation with their “unqualified” prospects while also sending them graduates ready to start the purchasing process.”

Once prospects are enrolled in the PCA credit repair program, the partner who referred them can track their progress to determine when they’ve become creditworthy. PCA clients can also track their own progress through the client portal and see how close they are to an improved credit score and financial freedom. To make this happen, PCA gets to work by getting inaccurate, unverifiable or out of date items removed from a clients credit report. Through filing disputes with all three credit bureaus simultaneously, clients get an improved credit score quickly so they can purchase a house or car, or even invest in education for themselves or a child, all with improved interest rates thanks to a better score.

About Perfect Credit Again

Perfect Credit Again is a national credit repair and debt settlement company. With over 35 years in the industry, the PCA expert team consists of FICO Pro Certified and NACSO certified specialists, with extensive experience to help clients get in and out of credit restoration programs faster than any other credit repair company in the nation. PCA is the exclusive credit repair company for 99% of the Top Fortune 1000 Companies. PCA offers individuals, families, and employees a way to settle their debts, restore their credit, and experience the financial freedom that comes with having perfect credit.

To learn more about Perfect Credit Again, visit