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Amazon buyers are going crazy for this new laptop bag and here's why

New stylish laptop bag by KGN Exports House promises multi-functionality, comfort, style and unrivaled durability. It's every professional's new best buddy - for years to come.

UK - KGN Exports House has released a 15'' laptop bag, and it's selling like hotcakes on Amazon.

The bag is designed to accommodate the needs of every busy professional or university student with a laptop, without overlooking the need for a formal style. This makes it suitable for both formal and informal events during and after the office hours.

While most laptop bags wear out after a while, the rigorously tested KGN laptop bag offers unparalleled durability which promises to keep laptops and notebooks safe for an extra three years compared to the standard on the market.

Designed for Acer, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba and Mac Book Air, this bag also comes with a spacious front pocket, three inner compartments and a zipper-protected back pocket for an additional notebook, iPad, mobile phone, MacBook or a magazine.

Tailored from chemical- and dye-free natural leather, this laptop bag oozes style and business-like precision. It is also equipped with a comfortable shoulder strap for easy and unobstructed everyday use and travelling.

So, if you are in need of a new, quality laptop bag, get your money and throw it here.

Key features:

  • Made from high-grade PU leather
  • Multipurpose with 3 inner compartments, spacious front pocket and a zipper-protected back pocket
  • Designed for 15-inch laptops
  • Ideal for MacBook Air, Acer, Dell, HP, Asus, Toshiba and Lenovo
  • Extra space for iPhone and Android devices, notebooks, magazines and books.
  • Comfortable shoulder strap
  • Stylish business look

About KGN Exports House

In 2010, we established KGN Exports House. Our mission is to change that answer by providing fashionable Eco-Friendly Vintage leather bags at selling prices up to 65 Percent less than the retail prices of other and also at a reasonable discount to the prices in a departmental store or even on the high street.

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Jared Kober, an expert in client acquisition, teaching entrepreneurs how to build a successful consulting business from scratch!

Drive and passion. The starting point for every great job. Combined with a straight forward vision to create an ideal consulting business is how Jared Kober helps entrepreneurs pursue their passions.

TORONTO - Jared Kober is a professional marketing consultant, speaker, and author. He runs his own digital marketing agency that helps consultants get more high ticket clients. He is the creator of Consulting 20/10™, an eight-week success system for getting high-end clients and commanding high fees with no resistance. This program will work for anybody that has a skill set and wishes to monetize it. Perfect for driven people interested in consulting, coaching, or entrepreneurs looking for a proven business model. It is all about helping entrepreneurs set up a profitable consulting business from scratch.

Jared Kober said it himself, “Consulting does NOT have to be hard. Often times we get distracted on our path by new marketing trends. It's easy to go full “deer in the headlights” mode. Look, I'm not here to add on to the overwhelming options in marketing. I actually want to take stuff away, I want to shed the fat on marketing and streamline the entire process”.

Unlike other courses, this program is proven and tested. The primary focus is on implementation and action. This course is also perfect for people that want to start a real online business with little or no marketing skills. 

For the people serious about getting more clients for their business, or developing a consulting business to the next level Jared Kober offers a special opportunity: The VIP Group Coaching Experience, where he answers every single question inside the members-only group. He even creates video responses walking clients through issues.

Many of his clients are seeing a positive return from their investments in days, not months. If you think your business might enjoy a group coaching interaction with Jared Kober, visit Or consider joining his high-level course for developing a profitable consulting business:

The world-class course and service experience begins with his Free Consulting Blueprint which provides the guidance needed to drive better marketing results. 

You can get started with the blueprint here: 

If social proof is what you’re looking for, head over to for a long list of success stories from Jared’s clients.

To connect with Jared Kober:

Email: [email protected] 

Phone number: (800)719-6031 


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Tempus Faire to unveil their revolutionary luxury men’s watch brand on Kickstarter

New designer brand, Tempus Faire are collaborating with Europe's best luxury watch designers to unveil their revolutionary men's watches.

LONDON, UK -Tempus Faire is proud to announce the launch of its new Kickstarter campaign at the end of September. 

They hope to achieve two goals: to allow talented watch designers to bring their ideas to market and to help raise money for building new design schools in Africa. 

Tempus Faires is extremely proud to be part of this charitable mission and will donate 1% of all its future sales to Anno's Africa.

The company hopes their partnership with the charity will help change the lives of up to 10,000 impoverished African children who do not have direct access to education. 

"Our mission is simple, we want to change the world through inspirational design," said James Lum, Co-Founder, and CEO of Tempus Faire.

"We will seek to collaborate with some of the best designers in Europe and bring their creations to life."

As a partner to the biggest suppliers in the watch-making industry, Tempus Faire has access to the latest technology and the highest-quality watch materials. They are confident this will be a solid foundation for creating men’s watches which are truly one-of-a-kind.

For their first collection, they have collaborated with one of the top designers in the luxury watch industry, Clement Sinibaldi. He has worked with some of the world's biggest luxury watch brands, such as Swiss watch-maker Audemars Piguet.

They’re ground breaking men’s watches feature:

  • A premium Italian leather strap
  • Swiss luminous pigment hands
  • 316L surgical-grade steel
  • Sapphire-coated crystal glass
  • Crisp Japanese movement

To get your discount code for future purchases from Tempus Faire, and for many other benefits, make sure you keep updated about their Kickstarter Pre-Launch campaign here. You can also find more information about Anno's Africa and their noble efforts to help children in Africa at

About Tempus Faire

Tempus Faire is a watch designer and retailer operating from its main headquarters in London, UK. Headed by James Lum, the company has already launched a successful designer watch company.

CEO James Lum has been involved in the watch business for over five years. During this period, he has established fruitful relationships with several of the world's biggest watch brands and designers. Now he is proud to step behind the curtain, and bring to market beautifully designed men’s watches at a fraction of the normal price.

For more information about the anticipated Kickstarter Pre-Launch campaign and for other media enquiries, please contact: 

Company: Tempus Faire

Person: James Lum, CEO

E-mail: [email protected]

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RockSoul Reveals Next Level Curve Gaming Monitors

In recent years, the development of the e-sports industry has become increasingly prosperous. Along with the e-sports project itself, hardware equipment has also been a major focus, especially with the e-sports monitors. ROCKSOUL, which has top-notch computer R&D technology, held a new product launch on Tutor ABC (T Hall) on April 20. A series of e-sports mouses, keyboards and headphones, such as the new RSMS and RSKB, were released on the spot. In this past month, ROCKSOUL just released their latest 32 and 27 inch 2K QHD Curved Gaming Monitor 2560x1440 2K Widescreen; Adjustable Stand, 1440P Resolution & FreeSync Samsung VA Panel.

Founded in 2009, ROCKSOUL specializes in high-quality computer peripheral products. ROCKSOUL’s product line is the result of incredible attention to detail in design and development, along with the relentless pursuit of quality, feeling, and functionality. Spanning over 12,000 kilometers, ROCKSOUL capitalizes on creative labs in Los Angeles, California.

With top-notch products and services, ROCKSOUL is aiming to become the peripheral of choice at the fingertips of millions of users around the world. They are the “Gamer’s Best Friend.” Their products come at high quality, high functionality, and at an affordable price point. All that you have ever dreamed of for your ideal user experience, they aim to deliver.

Today, ROCKSOUL continues to focus on their core concept as a brand, tapping into new sales channels and acquiring the best technology in computer peripherals for our players all over the world. After 10 years of operation, they at ROCKSOUL are excited and are looking forward to another 10 years of delivering excellent service to you, the Gamer.

ROCKSOUL believes that “all true technological innovation comes out of the user experience and user feedback, which together represents gamers’ ever-evolving search for the ultimate gaming experience”. To be the best, there is no alternative. But to be every GAMER’S BEST FRIEND, ROCKSOUL must maintain its position at the top of the class in hardware device design. This is a challenge we eagerly accept, as it means even more opportunities to thrill and move our fans.

ROCKSOUL, therefore, embodies a flourishing ecosystem comprising of “roots, branches, and leaves” suffused with the spirit. In one fell swoop, they are now cooperating with the largest retail outlets. In addition to pursuing higher quality and performance benchmarks, they also strive to provide the most diverse product line amongst our competitors, while offering the most convenient consumer purchasing platform and most attentive after-sales services; taken together, these goals represent the original spirit of ROCKSOUL.

ROCKSOUL maintains a strategic position in America’s popular competitive gaming market, firmly rooted in our insistence on preserving their grassroots commitment to customer service. They sponsor not only the original competitive gaming national team, but also competitive gaming teams from other countries; they assist them with resources, technology, and other professional services.

ROCKSOUL understands the importance of continuing to cultivate the most phenomenal user experiences, so that they can fully realize their company vision of “GAMER’ S BEST FRIEND”.

The latest report released by data analysis agency Newzoo shows that in the 21- to 35-year-old American male demographic, the number of people watching e-sports exceeds that of baseball or ice hockey, and the proportion of the latter two types of fans is 22%. This data is especially important for advertisers who target young men. Newzoo predicts that by 2019, the e-sports industry will generate $1.1 billion in revenue. Such growth will surely attract the attention of investors, traditional sports groups and team owners.

“Sports stars, clubs, media companies, and brands have a great interest in e-sports. This shows that the game is leading the media and entertainment industry into a new era of unity.” Newzoo said in an email to the media, “The game triggers a revolution in technology and consumer industry models, and has a unique affinity for the younger generation to actively engage them. Traditional digital media and sports companies have years of experience in providing effective communication platforms for advertisers. Furthermore, they could become strategic business partners.”

Unlike the older generation, today's younger population play video games from an early age, and the appreciation of e-sports is innate. As you age, the number of fans of e-sports will only increase. This also explains why e-sports and American football in the United States have little overlap in terms of fans: According to Newzoo, 56% of American football fans are older than 35, and 73% of e-sports fans are younger than 35 years old. 

On the other hand, e-sports is more in line with the younger generation's viewing habits - they prefer Twitch, YouTube, and other live broadcast platforms, rather than traditional cable TV. Many baseball and ice hockey teams have signed an exclusive live broadcast agreement with cable TV, so they lose support from the younger generation. Perhaps the NBA and NFL are better for live streaming than MLB or NHL.

In addition, Newzoo also pointed out that among the 80 million American basketball fans, 9.6 million of them are also concerned about e-sports, and the total number of e-sports audiences in the United States is around 20 million.

ROCKSOUL brand founder Jake Lin said: ‘ROCKSOUL started with technology, and it has certain technical standards in terms of foundry and other computer peripherals. ROCKSOUL has always been committed to providing the highest quality and efficient service to consumers of all ages. We always pay attention to and keep up with the trend of the times, and conscientiously implement the best and latest products for consumers.

ROCKSOUL became a regional agent in 30 countries around the world, and cooperated with the largest retail channel. Its products include: gaming mouses, gaming keyboards, gaming headsets, gaming monitors and other related accessories. ROCKSOUL insists on pursuing texture and functionality, providing high-quality, high-performance, and cost-effective products to consumers, expecting to meet the skills and sensory experiences that consumers desire.

ROCKSOUL brand founder Jake Lin said that, ‘The company's goal is to aid the development of the e-sports industry in the US by providing the best quality products to the e-Sports professional teams and players.’

ROCKSOUL recently launched two curved e-sports gaming monitors to help the development of the e-sports industry in the United States. Both monitors have curved displays, with 144Hz high refresh rate and 2k HD quality. The two models are 32-inch and 27-inch respectively.

Why use 144Hz monitors in professional gaming competition? Because 144Hz high refresh rate will give you an incredibly enjoyable gaming experience. If the trajectory is not focused well enough, then it will not hit the target. This is not just a matter of skills or mouses. At 144Hz high refresh rate, the picture and the gun operation is smooth enough to help your gun shoot and will improve overall accuracy to win the game. The RSGM-32K3G has a 16:9 widescreen & 1800R curve that wraps around your field of view for total immersion. With 144Hz, 4.8ms, FreeSync, & FPS/RTS optimized settings, this computer monitor delivers seamless gameplay. From MMOs to movies, you’ll enjoy the 2560x1440p QHD resolution with stunning 16.7 million colors & 1MIL:1 DCR. The VESA mountable RSGM-32K3G has DP & 2 HDMI ports, making it the perfect addition for custom rigs. You can play for endless hours and grind through countless levels with the HD monitor’s anti-glare screen and low blue light setting. Compared to ordinary 31.5-inch displays, there is no obvious graininess in the resolution. Moreover, this 27-inch display also comes with a speaker.

Samsung’s curved display, equipped with AMD FreeSync technology, is more capable in image processing. By realizing the dynamic synchronization between the display refresh rate and the output frequency of the graphics card, say goodbye to image tearing, stabling, and delays in high-quality rendering. In conjunction with the Samsung Smart Vision Sports function, the brightness and darkness contrast can be improved and the game will be further optimized. The breakthrough 1800R curvature (that is, the 1.8-meter arc radius) demonstrates the maturity of technical strength. The one-piece third-generation Samsung curved screen is optimized for the human eye and brings a more striking visual surround image. Even if you aren’t at a theater, you can still enjoy the fully immersive landscape.

For all players who are engaged in e-sports or in love with e-sports, ROCKSOUL's products are a rare boon for them, and they are by far the best choice.

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TedsWoodworking Launches Lifetime Free Membership For New Customers

Texas company TedsWoodworking launches free lifetime membership for new customers. The membership includes free lifetime supply of woodworking tutorials and detailed plans every month. 

AUSTIN, TEXAS - Texas company TedsWoodworking is proud to announce the launch of its free lifetime membership program designed to give back to loyal and new customers.

TedsWoodworking will provide one-off customers with a lifetime supply of creative and interesting designs for a variety of woodworking projects.

The decision to give back to customers comes in the wake of the company's 16,000th downloadable plan on the website.

Years of frustration looking at badly drawn plans have carved the company's motto to 'Build anything you want to build out of wood, easily and effortlessly'.

This philosophy has driven TedsWoodworking to accumulate the biggest library of elaborate plans and tutorials on thousands of different wood-working projects for the professional and hobbyist alike.

The company is proud to have established itself as an alternative and creative solution to the expensive wood products in the retail sector.

Over 16,000 detailed plans and tutorials and 150 instruction videos offer customers the opportunity to tackle any small-to-large DIY projects, from barns, beds, bee hives, computer desks and guitars to exquisitely crafted tables and gifts, among many more.

For more information on how Ted’s Woodworking helps people build their next woodworking wonder, please visit

About Ted’s Woodworking

The company was founded by certified master woodworker Ted Mcgrath. Since its creation, it has successfully completed over 24,000 woodworking projects. 

In his free time, Ted Mcgrath runs a woodworking technical class and authors books and articles about the woodworking craft.

If you have any inquiries, please contact:


Ted Mcgrath

2802 Flintrock Trace, Austin, TX, 78738