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Rags to Riches: New episodes of The American Dream show now on Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg will air the series, The American Dream, inspiring rags-to-riches stories in America, starting Saturday, October 6th at 4:00pm EST.

US - Keep the stars in your eyes and tune in for a feast of inspirational rags-to-riches stories with The American Dream Show this Saturday on Bloomberg TV. 

Most of us have been there - stuck in a ten-by-ten room with a dead-end job and without a pat on the back in sight. It's a tough place to live in - one with many corners. It is hard to look around them.

It takes a little faith to know what's around the corner. We can project anything there, just around the corner. That's how powerful our minds are. And those who have made it out of the ten-by-ten predicament have had one thing in common: a dream and the grit to stick to it. 

What's the formula for success? What is the American Dream?

The American Dream TV show will inspire you to follow your dreams and succeed. In a series of episodes, the show will tell the tales of the richest American people and companies and how they made their fortunes from their humble beginnings to world-wide recognition and legacy.

Among the inspiring stories that will be shared are those of KFC, Jersey Mike's, Sub Zero, Pizza Hut, Mass Pay, United Wall System, Potenza, Perry Homes, Azamara Cruises, Varidesk, Steven Singer, Chef Shamy, LulaRoe, Vistaprint, Akorbi, Tommy John, City Furniture, Auntie Anne’s, and Maggie Cook. 

Now you can hear the stories of those who look behind with respect for the ten-by-ten room - because without it, they would not be the same. 

The American Dream is hosted by Oscar nominated, Eric Roberts, and will air every Saturday at 4:00 pm EST on Bloomberg, starting October 6 until November 3. 

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Dog lovers to spoil their furry friends at GoodDogsCo

US - 10/12/2018 (PRESS RELEASE JET)

A group of dog owners passionate about their four-legged friends, are excited to announce a website launch which will provide dog owners with everything they need to care about their dogs. GoodDogsCo came up with a mission to provide other dog owners with enough knowledge to ensure that their dogs are healthy and happy. Offering customers with product reviews to help with the purchasing process as well as additional product information.

Between many of dog websites, this one brings a new concept completely approaching the users. GoodDogsCo has an attractive homepage which grabs visitors’ attention with great photos and an accompanying article link. The website searches for the best selection of everything for dogs. There are tabs at the top of the page that link to different topic areas on the site. These areas include Food, Apparel, and Accessories, Health, Toys, Training. Dog owners will enjoy browsing through the selection of dog products available on the net, followed with interesting articles written with a love for dogs. The website is updated frequently and there will be plenty of surprises in a future.

In a very interesting and informative way, the website publishes articles from various categories related to their best friends. The comfort and care are very important for every dog so special attention is paid to the careful selection of the right product. The guys from GoodDogsCo will first tell you how to choose the best product, among the millions offered on the market, then tell you why it is important. In the end, there is a selection of the best products that deserve a recommendation. The Amazon link is very useful if the dog owner decides to take a  look at or to buy what the site advises. ‘Why we like it’ is a highlight of each story. For sure, your dog will love it if you decide to follow GoodDogsCo advice.

Dog owners visiting will experience pleasure while browsing among quality products, specially chosen, with product reviews as well as extra product information. The website was founded with the vision of being a one-stop place for dog lovers, devoted to reviewing all sorts of products their dog may love. They strive to provide unbiased reviews to help dog owners choose only the best products.

For more information about GoodDogsCo go to

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Only1 Studios Awarded with Two Telly Award and Two Hermes Creative Awards.

Only1 Studios, a video production company based in Miami, has recently been awarded with two Telly award and two Hermes Creative Awards for their recent video production efforts.

MIAMI, FLORIDA - Only1 Studios has recently won a Telly award for their work on a campaign called “Sigue Haciendola” for Univision and Dish latino, featuring a local artist named GG (Gimenez). The series celebrates Latinos of many different nationalities, such as: Mexicans, Argentineans, Peruvians and Colombians. The videos are streamed on YouTube as well as on various select channels.

Another achievement for Only1 Studios is represented by the success with their video production for “Give Miami Day” and for “Breakin’ Convention”. “Give Miami Day” is a special day empowered by Miami Foundation, which brings together donors and nonprofits that help create historic moments in South Florida. In 2018 “Give Miami Day” supported over 660 nonprofits located in Greater Miami area, and rejoiced from 29,014 gifts from donors that totaled in over $9,000,000. The “Breakin’ Convention” is the honor winning and widely praised convention standing beyond a hip-hop revolution. “Breakin' Convention” speaks to the sources and advancement of hip-hop culture from all around the globe. Working with the most regarded, imaginative and persuasive specialists. “Breakin' Convention” is at the vanguard of worldwide talented evolution in the hip-hop genre through its widely acclaimed celebrations, universal aspect, genuine improvement, youth ventures and various instructive programs.

Only1 Studios has also received two Hermes Creative Awards for their contribution in the creation of main campaign videos for “Give Miami Day” and “Breakin’ Convention. Along with the awards they have received a public ovation and greater visibility in the online and offline environments.

According to recent marketing statistics published by Insivia, viewers retain as much as 95% of the message in a video compared to just 10% of the message in a text. Moreover, 52% of marketers believe that video is effective for brand awareness, while the inclusion of a video in the landing page is able to boost conversions by up to 80%.

Statistics additionally show that 69% of the global consumer Internet traffic in 2017 was represented by video, and that 45% of users watch over an hour of content on YouTube per week. Over 500 million are watching video on Facebook daily, while social video in its entirety generates 1200% more shares compared to images and text combined.

About Only1 Studios, LLC

Only1 Studios, LLC is a bilingual video production agency based in Miami, Florida. The agency focuses on square and vertical social media content, with an accent on video production and entertainment. More details can be found on