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Land of NOW: A new tool (and book) for how to be present that appeals to ALL ages

Journey into Land of NOW and learn how to quiet the mental chaos and enjoy the only moment we really have, the NOW. A practical guide on mindfulness for all ages.

PARK CITY, UTAH - On October 17, 2018, Katie Mullaly, author, and publisher Faceted Press will launch a Kickstarter campaign for Land of NOW, a practical book to help children live in the present moment that also appeals to ALL ages. The campaign is expected to raise $10,000 to print and distribute 2,500 copies of the book.

After a much-anticipated two-year wait, Land of NOW, the fourth book in the delightful Land of Children Books series will be arriving to help readers of all ages enjoy the present moment, the NOW by learning how to release the useless thoughts they don’t need. And as always, Land of NOW is sure to delight, inspire and continue to help fans and readers navigate life’s terrain. “Land of NOW came from my constant struggle to be in the moment, to not let my thoughts run amok. So, I took my own challenges and turned them into this book,” said author and publisher Katie Mullaly. “We are launching a Kickstarter Campaign, not only with the goal of funding the printing of 2,500 copies, but to also take this opportunity to get our books into schools, especially underserved schools. Donors can choose to have their books sent to a school of their choice, or we can choose. Not everyone has kids to read these books to, but we all know of a school that could use more mindfulness tools,” continued Mullaly.

This book is about being present. A call to sit here in “NOW,” and find ways to clear all the chaos and quiet your mind. The NOW is a place that we are always in, but thanks to the continuous chatter of thoughts in our heads, we miss out on what is really happening - the NOW. In Land of NOW, you learn the tools for how to be present in the moment by clearing out all the incessant thoughts that are blocking the NOW.

What is it that’s keeping you from enjoying this moment? From seeing the beauty and wonder of the NOW? Are you worried about something in the future that hasn’t happened yet? Or is it the past that is gnawing at you, unwilling to let go? Or maybe it’s because you’re longing for things to be different and don’t want to accept what IS, and so you miss out on the PRESENT MOMENT. Whatever the reason, Land of NOW can show you and your young readers, what to do with all the useless thoughts, and how to let them move on so you can enjoy the present, the only moment we have - the NOW. Land of NOW is written for ages 5 through 12 but intended for everyone!

About the author and publisher

As a lover of rhyme, rhythm and reason, Katie Mullaly continues to share her passion for teaching, creating greater awareness and living a conscious life through the Land of… Children’s Books®.

The Land of… Children’s Books® series came about from years of Katie’s soul-searching, seeking her purpose and wanting to create something meaningful that incorporated her passion for mindful living. This series allows Katie to find new sources of creativity that she didn’t know she had. It also allows her to share her experiences of trying to be a better human with her readers.

Katie has a BS in Science Communication and an MS in Professional Master of Science and Technology, both from the University of Utah, and is working on a “PhD” in being a better human. She will be working on her dissertation on being a conscious, caring person for the rest of her life, and looks forward to sharing that work with anyone who will read her books.

About the illustrator

Illustrator Toby Allen’s whole life has been about drawing and he’s had a pen in his hand since he can remember. With a zest for the fantastic and an ability to create worlds no one has ever seen, he brings new life to children’s books.

Toby holds a BA Honors Degree in Illustration from Plymouth College of Art located in Plymouth, England. He has pursued a creative education since high school, with that pen always in hand. Since he has started working professionally, he always takes the opportunity to learn a new skill along the way.

Other works by Toby include “Real Monsters,” his physical representations of mental illnesses aimed at educating and reducing stigma surrounding mental health issues. He also illustrated Charlie's Choices, a children's book that aids selectively mute children and their parents. Find out more at Toby’s website:

Together they are creating mindfulness tools that are fun, memorable, and presented in a simple, applicable format. By taking important life lessons and disguising them with Katie’s engaging rhymes and Toby’s brilliant illustrations, they are making these personal growth tools accessible for readers of all ages.


Faceted Press

Katie Mullaly, Author and Publisher


[email protected]

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USA - Social networks dominate our lives privately, but also in business. Many of us have become active users of social networks. Life is moving to a degree on platforms that feed us with different content. And where people are, there are businesses to present their products or services, increase sales, strengthen their brand, reputation or to pitch, test and on the basis of plans.

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A team of Sherpa Boost social media managers is not creating content or commenting on client’s post. Unlike similar websites, they only like posts and follow targeted potential followers. The client can continue to regularly use their Instagram profile, concentrating on creating high-quality posts. Sherpa Boost offers very competitive prices and services. There are one week, one month or one year services to grow Instagram accounts tailored to clients goals. Cancellation is possible within 24 hours of purchase with a full refund.

Marco De Anda, Sherpa Boost lead social media manager and owner stated:

"We are confident in the effectiveness of our services and we are looking forward to helping our customers grow their social media presence.”

If you want more followers on your profile and want your profile to be seen then you are in the right place. Sherpa Boost is a company with a very professional team behind in all segments of internet business that resulted in finding the key to the success of an Instagram profile. Sherpa Boost is here to successfully grow your Instagram account. Be at the center of Instagram's attention and let everyone hear your voice.


Email: [email protected]

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Women’s Job Search Network Expands Diversity Recruiting Service to the Bay Area, Chicago and Pittsburgh

USA - Women’s Job Search Network, an organization with a mandate to help women successfully navigate the often-murky job search waters is thrilled to announce the expansion of its Diversity Recruiting Service which assists companies with improved diversity slates and hiring. 

The business premise is the remarkable gap in the way men and women look for work. Studies show that women will only apply to roles if they feel 100% qualified while for men 60% is enough. As a rule, women look out for a few specific things before applying for a new position and it has to do with job seeker gender and psychology.  Companies, needing to hire quickly or in niche talent pools, often don’t have the time to nurture women through the process nor address their needs beyond standardized processes.

Helping women feel heard and valued at the job search stage is challenging given the fast-paced and competitive nature of the job market today. There is also some measure of uncertainty about what can or should be shared in the hiring process.

WJSN provides competitive insights and a turn-key recruiting service specializing in providing quality candidates who identify as a women, femme, and non-binary.

“These regions are a natural fit for us, given our team of recruiting leadership in the Valley, our partners in Chicago, and our HQ in Pittsburgh. Additionally, we have a skilled team of researchers and recruiters around the U.S.,” says Tracy Saunders, CEO of Women’s Job Search Network. “Every day companies reach out to us for help solving the diversity talent equation because advertising on job boards just doesn’t work.”

By thoughtfully connecting with niche communities of female talent and spending more time nurturing relationships, Women’s Job Search Network is able to plug-in and supplement existing recruiting teams without being limited to standard KPIs.  They match candidates to companies who are committed to supporting female talent and their lifestyle aspirations.

Women’s Job Search Network is partnered with a major fintech company in Silicon Valley who’s dedicated to increasing diversity in tech via impactful solutions that allow them to scale a more inclusive organization and improve the job seeker experience,

Says Tracy Saunders, “Our clients understand the importance of analytics and advocacy when it comes to recruiting women successfully and improving diversity ROI. That aligns perfectly with our expertise and mission, and even better, we can apply our recruiting service to any diverse population.”

About Women Job Search Network

Led by Tracy Saunders, a female technical recruiting veteran who’s spearheaded complex recruiting initiatives for the world’s top companies, Women's Job Search Network offers differentiated and first-to-market solutions for insightful business leaders who understand the real value of cultivating diversity. They empower hiring leaders to increase diversity hiring success through research, outreach, partnership, branding, strategic campaigns, pilot programs, and managed external recruiting.


Tracy Saunders

Founder, Women's Job Search Network LLC

E assistant: [email protected]


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New online platform offers a cushion for monetary exchanges among friends and family

Newly launched platform vows to help lenders to family and friends save money and prevent misunderstandings for an affordable price. 

US - Have you ever lent money to a relative or a friend only to spend the months to come asking yourself daily whether this act of kindness would ruin your relationship with them?

Not knowing when you will get your money back can bear a hole at the pit of your stomach, and with no visible outlet in sight, your relationship with that person could deteriorate.

But thanks to, lending money to friends and family is now easy, cheap and hassle-free. is proud to announce the launch of its new 'promissory note' online platform, specially designed to keep tricky monetary exchanges between you and your loved ones mutually rewarding.

The new platform will give you the opportunity to define the obligations for both you and the borrower, and save thousands of dollars from otherwise having to visit a lawyer to draw up a promissory note.

This serves as a cushion that helps to ensure your most valued relationships will remain untouched by the corroding influence of money.   

"Each year, in the US alone, billions of dollars are being loaned to friends and family without getting some form of documentation of the loan." According to the Federal Reserve Board Survey of Consumer Finances, each year, in the U.S. alone, loans to friends and family amount to $89 Billion (source:  "When the time for repaying the loan comes, memories go blank, and this often creates family friction and ends friendships.

"By getting a promissory loan agreement, all parties agree to the terms, so there are no misunderstandings going forward."

You will easily have complete freedom over your finances. By agreeing the principal amount, interest rate and the maturity date with your borrower in advance, you avoid misunderstandings with the people you value most.  

You get to lend or borrow any amount you wish, all the while feeling more secure in the knowledge that with the loan agreement in place, things should go smoothly from start to finish.

How it works: 

  1. Lender creates Promissory Note.
  2. Lender sends Note to borrower.
  3. Borrower accepts Promissory Note.
  4. Lender pays Promissory Note service fee.
  5. Borrower pays back after a period.
  6. Lender receives notification.
  7. Lender approves payment.
  8. Borrower gets notified.
  9. The loan is closed after all payments are made.

For more information on how iPromissory can ease your financial worries, please visit

About iPromissory

iPromissory was launched by Stacey P., a mompreneur in September 2018. The company's mission is to soften the emotional strain of money exchanges among family and friends and to eliminate the need for unnecessary expenditure for lawyers.

The company embraces the spirit of fairness and transparency and believes that both sides should have a clear outlook on any loan agreement from day one.

Contact information



[email protected]